Its week 2 for Defence Policy to Capability delegates

21 January 2019 / Categories: DA News and Events

The Defence Policy to Capability (DP2C) course is now in its second week. The DP2C course is delivered over a four week period, the first three weeks of which is particularly suited to industry partners who are looking to widen their exposure to the issues covered, whilst embedded within a cross section of their customer base.

The aim of the DP2C course is to understand the higher management of defence and analyse the principles behind the translation of policy into military capabilities within a resource envelop and risk appetite.

Industry delegates will be asked to provide input through syndicate room discussions, presentations and workshops.
Mike Nayler, Defence Sales Director for Dell EMC, part of the Dell Technologies group of strategically aligned businesses, currently on the course said:

“Dell Technologies has been building a relationship with the Defence Academy for more than a year. We have hosted members of DA staff for a week in Dell EMC and I have also brought the Dell Defence team to Shrivenham for a tour of the facilities. I am personally and professionally interested in the workings of the military, therefore this opportunity was one not to be missed.”

Delivered through a combination of pre-reading, lectures with especially selected key-note speakers, a practical exercise and syndicate room discussions which bring together learning and shared experiences and time for personal reflection. 

Mike added:

“I am very much involved in the acquisition process from an industry point of view and having attended this course, I will be much better informed and therefore more effective in my role.”

It is intended to provide delegates with a broad comprehension of the policy to capability continuum; in most cases using the UK as a case study and to help them understand their role within it as the providers of services and equipment.

Reflecting on the course so far Mike said: 

“I have met some amazing people, all of whom I have learnt something from. The academics have given some very interesting views on the process of defence policy implementation and the senior military leaders have all given their own, often differing by branch, perspectives.”

Mike has a long-standing interest in security and defence, leading a team responsible for engagement with all aspects of UK defence, including the MOD and a number of organisations who together form a substantial part of the UK defence industrial base. Mikes role enables him to work closely with organisations involved in these areas to make best use of current and emerging technology to achieve both strategic and mission objectives.

To find out more about the DP2C course visit:  

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