It’s you, it’s me, it’s National Mentoring Day

26 October 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

As 2020 has brought us all unexpected challenges, more and more people across Defence are stepping into roles outside their regular business.  With this, there is a growing need to support people as they take on new activities.

This is what mentoring is about.  It is a relationship and a process where a person offers help, guidance and support to facilitate the learning or development of a colleague at an appropriate stage in their career. It’s what many of us are doing on a regular basis, whether in formal programs or informal relationships.    

This autumn, the Defence Academy’s Defence Leadership Centre launched a version 2.0 of the online Mentoring Fundamentals course. Designed to develop your knowledge and awareness of mentoring within Defence, Mentoring Fundamentals includes a blend of interactive media, including podcasts and animation.  

The two-hour course explores the roles and expectations of a mentor and mentee, the different stages of the mentoring process, how to recognise the different elements that makes a successful mentor, and what to consider for an effective mentoring culture or scheme.  

Hosted on the Defence Learning Environment, the online Mentoring Fundamentals course is open to all military and MOD civil servants.

Over 4,000 people have enrolled to date.  Have you? 


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