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28 August 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

Over the last year, the Defence Academy has released a number of reading menus for staff and students to further explore Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) on subjects like deterrence, artificial and cultural intelligence, cyber, ethics and geopolitics.

The Deterrence Reading Menu in summer 2019, curated by Professor Wyn Bowen from Kings College London:

‘[Provided] a foundation for developing knowledge and understanding of modern deterrence challenges, how deterrence has changed but also some of the continuities.’

The following Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reading Menu, curated by Dr Rod Thornton from King’s College, explored the use of AI in the military and international politics, its effects and future uses.

Dr Heather Skousgaard, Director, Centre for Defence Leadership & Ethics, Australian Defence College said of the Cultural Intelligence menu she curated:

‘Cultural anthropology has been described as the art of making the strange familiar and the familiar strange. These resources encourage the reader to consider the impact of cultural frames on the way they approach operational design and strategic planning. The readings offer a variety of lenses to demystify the strangeness that is often perceived when seeking to understand adversary behaviour, and challenge the assumptions of logic and rationality that are often adopted when considering our own behaviour.’

The Defence Cyber School kicked off 2020 with its own reading menu compiled with Dr Rod Thornton from King's College London. The Cyber Reading Menu followed on from a Cyber Masterclass and contained additional materials to research.

A Military Ethics Reading Menu exploring the complex military operating environment and weapons systems available to combatants was soon to follow. As the military operating environment grows ever more complex and the weapons systems available to combatants become more lethal, so too must the skills and education available to combatants evolve if they are to operate effectively within this environment.

June’s Russia Reading Menu, curated by Dr Rod Thornton, focused on the great power: 

‘Russia sees itself as a great power and as being under constant existential threat from the spread of 'Western liberal democracy'. These two viewpoints have to be prime factors when analysing the behaviour, in defence and security terms, of the Russian state today.‘

Over the summer, the Higher Command and Staff Course (HCSC) released its first Digital Reading List ahead of the next cohort starting in January 2021, about the character of conflict, deterrence, leadership, great powers competition, strategy, space and cyber.

Check out all the reading menus on the Defence Academy website CDERA pages


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