Managing Defence in the Wider Security Context – Croatia

31 October 2019 / Categories: DA News and Events

The International Section, along with Cranfield University recently completed delivery of a two week Managing Defence in the Wider Security Context course, at the Croatian Defence Academy from the 14 -25 October.

The course was made up of 26 regional delegates from Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The delegates included 9 women, representing 35% of the course, a higher than average figure. Civilian delegates were also comparatively well represented, again with 9 delegates. 

Amongst the topics covered were: conceptualising security; the strategic context; understanding policy and strategy development; governance of the security sector; legitimacy, accountability and transparency; project programme and portfolio management; risk, opportunity and benefit management; and managing obsolescence.  The course was formally opened by the His Excellency Mr Adam Dalgleish, the British Ambassador to Croatia and Mr Patar Mihatov, the Assistant Minister for Defence Policy from the Croatian MOD.  In his opening address Mr Mihatov spoke of the threat to the post-Cold War order and the threat this posed to multilaterism. He continued that this would be countered by increased investment in capabilities and interoperability with allied nations. He also spoke of the need for Croatia to improve situational awareness and be able to anticipate future events. Both are themes which feature prominently in the MDWSC syllabus. 

In closing the assistant minister emphasised the importance of a strong bilateral relationship with the UK. The course provided excellent insight for the UK’s Defence Attaché, and the course was well received by the delegates earning a DSAT score of 4.6 out of 5.


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