Modernising joint professional military education in the Technology and Business Faculty

05 August 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

Science, space, technology, information and cyber – this is the direction of modern warfare.

The Technology and Business Faculty is innovating the way we deliver Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) by developing new courses and adapting certain face–to-face (F2F) training interventions.

A new Aerosystems MSc course is set to begin on 7 September for ten officers in the Royal Navy (RN), the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Australian Navy.  Previously delivered by the RAF’s Air and Space Warfare Centre, the new MSc reflects the Defence Academy’s increasing focus in the multi-domains. 

Battlespace Technology MSc, a keystone course of the Faculty, has run virtually since June and will resume after summer leave with an introductory module covering Defence Acquisition and Project Management.

The 8-week Royal Engineer Force Protection Engineering (RE FPE) course restarts F2F training on 21 September with seven Army attendees, whilst Capability and Acquisition webinars continue until the end of the year giving participants an understanding of the processes involved via a new virtual online delivery. 

The Ammunition Technical Officer course has been reformatted to address government guidelines during the pandemic to blended delivery using MS Teams and F2F training.  In September, 16 Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) students will arrive for their 8-month residential section of a 20-month course.

Another course implementing increasingly blended learning is the Explosive Ordnance Engineering MSc with its mix of MS Teams and F2F training beginning towards the end of September. 

To ensure our Armed Forces remain a premier fighting force, the Defence Academy’s Technology and Business Faculty is leading the way to modernise JPME.

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