20 May 2020
New Defence Academy webinar on Capability and Acquisition- sign up now!
The Technology and Business Faculty is piloting its first course webinar to replace previous face-to-face courses as the Defence Academy adapts during...
23 April 2020
​For whom the bell tolls- the bell of Beckett House
It was March. The country was facing a crisis like no one has ever seen before. As millions of Britons were advised to stay home to save lives during the...
20 April 2020
Online learning portal for operational planning supports military assisting government with COVID-19
The Military Knowledge Office (part of Army Division) launched the newly upgraded and digital Operational Planning portal for military planners and other...
15 April 2020
Distance Learning in Defence

How you can create a positive habit now that will pay dividends for the rest of your career.

27 March 2020
Technology enables revolutionary adaptions at DefAc
Rapid. Revolutionary, even.  Every day this week, a contingent of Defence Academy students working remotely held a virtual working lunch together as a...
9 March 2020
A successful Big Conversation
Shrivenham – How do we reconcile the seemingly conflicting rights of some with the religious values and beliefs of others, when the ‘golden...
9 March 2020
​Defence Leadership Centre launches new 2020-2021 course programmes
Defence Leadership Centre offers an exciting portfolio of Leadership courses for military and civil servants, to test thinking and influence behaviour to be...
6 March 2020
RCDS formalises associate status with the Defence Academy
London – Yesterday (5 March), the signing of an associate status agreement highlights the important part played by the Royal College of Defence (RCDS)...
14 February 2020
One of our own wins a Millie!

ACSC student, Lt Cdr Tracy MacSephney (C5 Syndicate) has won The Sun's Military Award (Millie) in the category of Best Reservist.

17 December 2019
Active Bystander - Book your place now!
Don't standby – get active!  Have you witnessed a situation?  Would you like to learn skills to enable you to speak up? Would you...
6 December 2019
Building Integrity UK supporting the International Anti-Corruption Day
By way of highlighting the global impact and the importance of tackling corruption, on the 9th December 2019, International Anti-Corruption Day, the...
5 December 2019
Defence Academy’s Lieutenant Colonel Chris Dobson wins Best Educator Award
The Worshipful Company of Educators recognized former Defence Academy (DefAc) educator, Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Chris Dobson of the Intermediate Command...