10 November 2020
The Defence Academy’s link with the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
As the nation prepares to pay tribute to our fallen service men and women in all wars on Remembrance Day, there is another poignant and profound anniversary...
26 October 2020
It’s you, it’s me, it’s National Mentoring Day
As 2020 has brought us all unexpected challenges, more and more people across Defence are stepping into roles outside their regular business.  With...
12 October 2020
Listen: Royal Army Chaplains’ Museum shares our Padres’ stories

Telling the stories of Armed Forces Chaplaincy from past to present day.

8 October 2020
How would you react to a bully? Take the Active Bystander Fundamentals course
It’s Learning at Work Week. With diversity and inclusion at the core of our defence values, now is a good time to grow and build skills for effective...
7 October 2020
Largest cohort of new military chaplains start at Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre
The largest cohort of incoming tri-service chaplains recently completed the first New Entry Chaplains Transition course as part of the Armed Forces...
6 October 2020
Information Warfare Group
‘Learning to outmanoeuvre our adversaries by developing Information Advantage through research-led training and education’  
5 October 2020
Take the Cyber Foundation Pathway at the Defence Cyber School

Agility and integration: These are two of the guiding principles of the Defence Cyber School (DCS) at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. 

1 October 2020
Defence Academy supports multi-domain education with Masters in AeroSystems
The prestigious AeroSystems Master’s of Science (MSc) was recently transferred to the Defence Academy’s Technology and Business Faculty from the...
30 September 2020
Royal Army Chaplains’ Museum breaks ground in Shrivenham


All rank abandon, ye who enter here.

22 September 2020
Strategic leadership shapes culture: Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organisations inaugural course
Inaugural Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organisations workshop Shrivenham – How does strategic leadership shape organisational culture? How do we...
10 September 2020
Synergising skill sets: Defence Academy’s Information Advantage Post-Graduate Portfolio
Shrivenham - The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, in partnership with Cranfield University, launched a re-designed Digital and Cyber Masters Programme...
7 September 2020
Flagship Command and Staff Courses get new look at the Defence Academy
Shrivenham- Today (7 September), two flagship courses at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom’s Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC)...