Pre-Royal Military Academy Sandhurst End of Course Parade

09 September 2019 / Categories: DA News and Events

This week we said goodbye to the international Officer Cadets (OCdts) of CC193 after they successfully completed the 13 week Pre-RMAS course at the English Language Wing (part of the Defence Centre for Languages and Culture at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom). 

During their time at the English Language Wing, OCdts improve their English language skills, develop their military skills, and work on their physical fitness in preparation for the Regular Commissioning Course at RMAS. The Pre-RMAS course is a fantastic opportunity to develop international military relationships which build the foundation for defence engagement in years to come.  

We spoke to four OCdts about their experience of the English Language Wing:

 “It’s been amazing learning so many traditions and so many things about the British culture that we have been taught by our really co-operative instructors.  It’s been really amazing so far.”  OCdt Asif, Pakistan (Phase B)

 “How different people of the world can be united, come to the common conclusion and the time here at Defence Academy was amazing.  I learned so many things, so many different military skills and of course English.” OCdt Karki, Nepal (Phase A and B)

“This course helped me very much in my physical training, also knowing different cultures helped me to understand that people may come from different countries, from different religions but we share the same goal.” OCdt Al Zakwani, Sultanate of Oman (Phase A and B)

 “It’s been a great experience here in the Defence Academy, especially because it’s a cultural, linguistic and academic environment, with people from all over the world. It’s a combination of leadership, basic soldier training and physical training and especially English that is really useful for our Sandhurst course.” OCdt Restrepo, Columbia (Phase A and B)

The English Language Wing at DCLC offers a unique opportunity for international Officer Cadets from around the world to develop the skills which will be required of them at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  This enables them to arrive on the Commissioning Course well-prepared and ready to train alongside their British peers.


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