Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) publishes 'Getting Strategy Right (Enough)'

08 September 2017 / Categories: RCDS

RCDS publishes 'Getting Strategy Right (Enough)' - a guide to developing and implementing strategy 

RCDS are delighted to publish ‘Getting Strategy Right (Enough)’. The booklet is an updated version of an earlier text, ‘Thinking Strategically’, which was first produced for use in the College in 2010. 

This revision aims to capture some of the key lessons from UK interventions over the last two decades. It includes many of the insights identified by Sir John Chilcot in his report of the Iraq Inquiry, supporting the Secretary of State’s direction that the Ministry of Defence is to embed the lessons of Chilcot in its DNA. It also includes insights from other exhaustive studies of UK and US interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

The title of the booklet is to make it clear that the study of strategy is not just about getting the thinking right but also the implementation. The inclusion of ‘enough’ in the title reflects the fact that while the perfect strategy is likely to remain elusive, the UK’s strategies must be ‘good enough’ to compete successfully with those of our adversaries. Although primarily aimed at improving the strategic literacy of RCDS Members, the booklet should be invaluable to anybody involved in the development and implementation of strategy, whether in the public or private sectors.

Over the 91 years of its history, RCDS has been concerned with the issue of how political leaders and their senior military and civilian advisors should think strategically about the challenges faced by the nation, its allies and the international community. If you would like to know more about RCDS and its programme, visit the Defence Academy website. 

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