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11 August 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events


In September, the Defence Academy’s Defence Leadership Centre (DLC) is delighted to announce the resumption of Leadership courses, following their postponement in March as the Defence Academy adapted our operations to adhere to government guidance during the pandemic.


By embracing more blended ways of learning, this is another way that the Defence Academy is modernising joint professional military education (JPME).

Over the last few month, the DLC has re-developed four of our courses into fully virtual offerings;

  • Focus on Leading (FOL)
  • Mentoring in Defence
  • Line Management in Defence
  • Diversity & Inclusivity (Practitioner) 
  • Note: DLC is working hard to digitally convert our Diversity & Inclusivity (Advisor) course and expects the course to be available as a fully virtual offer by Jan 21; applications can be submitted now

Four additional courses have moved to more blended ways of learning and will mix classroom settings (adhering to Government guidance) with digital learning, including:

  • Advanced Defence Senior Leadership Programme (ADSLP)
  • Defence Senior Leadership Programme (DSLP)
  • Senior Leaders Mental Fitness & Resilience (SLMFR)
  • Leading Diverse & Inclusive Organisations (LDIO)
  • formerly Senior Officers Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Leadership (SOEDIL)
  • Note: While the Defence Academy continues to offer a fully digital Diversity & Inclusivity (Advisor) course, DLC has retained a very limited number face-to-face offerings over the next three months. Applications are being accepted now (pending successful prior attendance and completion of the D+I(Practitioner) course)

As blended and digital learning are becoming increasingly embedded in the future of JPME, the DLC is continuing to upgrade our existing on-line Fundamentals series (i.e. Mentoring, Line Management, Diversity & Inclusivity, Mental Fitness & Resilience) whilst designing NEW online courses (like the recent Active Bystander  Fundamental course). As part of our digital-first approach, the DLC  is also  re-developing the suite of virtual learning environments that supports each course, ensuring a comprehensive online footprint of learning resources.

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