Strategic leadership shapes culture: Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organisations inaugural course

22 September 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

Inaugural Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organisations workshop

Shrivenham – How does strategic leadership shape organisational culture? How do we manage our own personal biases, in additional to acquiring the knowledge and skills required to implement a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy?


MOD senior leaders (1-4 star military and civilians) explored these questions at the inaugural Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organisations (LDIO) workshop on 16 September.  Run by the Defence Leadership Centre (DLC) at the Defence Academy, the workshop provides an immersive, transformational learning opportunity including real-life case studies and provides space for personal reflection.

LDIO combines insights from psychological theory with applied exemplars. Peer-engagement is at the centre of activity, focusing on the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive culture within defence through role-modelling. With pre- and post-workshop engagement, it aims to enhance and broaden the learning experience.

Feedback from delegates on the workshop include:

"A great programme allowing valued discussion and interrogate issues"

"Thought provoking with great takeaways”

"The best diversity and inclusion course I have done in my career"

Senior leaders are required to undertake LDIO as part of their mandated Diversity and Inclusion commitment, either for the first time at OF6 / SCS or on expiry of their extant SOEDIL competence. 
Further information about the LDIO workshop can be found on the Defence Academy’s website. 


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