Technology School “Damsels in Defence” get pretty muddy for Cancer Research

26 June 2017 / Categories: DA News and Events

Dressed head to toe in pink, complete with wigs, tutus and leg warmers, the ladies from the Technology School came together in a vision of pink as “Damsels in Defence” to take part in the Cancer Research Race for Life Pretty Muddy event at Lydiard Park on Saturday 20th May at 11:15.

Shell Cartwright, Lt Col Liz Nelson, Laura James, Kat Mesi, Alba Goodman, Shona Ritchie, Jo Archer and Beth Archer (Jo’s Daughter) stuck to their motto “start as a team, finish as a team” as they faced various mud-filled obstacles and small challenges such as space hoppers (harder than you would think!), A frame, mud pits, leopard crawling under nets and as the grand finale, down the giant mud slide for a messy photo finish. 
With big smiles painted on their faces throughout the race, they finished with an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and achievement for such a worthy cause. Head to toe in mud, they celebrated with a well-deserved glass of champagne! 
In the run up to the event the girls utilised the power of social media to advertise their JustGiving page to help raise sponsorship, including being mentioned on Heart FM breakfast show and interviewed by the Swindon Advertiser at the event. 
In addition to on and offline advertising, they saw an opportunity for income generation via the lads and lasses from Joint Venture Exercise held in the Battle Labs within Technology School, holding a well-timed cake “sale”, which raised £255 on the day from over 100 sugar-hungry military personnel who sought a change from their brown bag lunches! On the Friday before the event, there was a frenzy of donations to the JustGiving page to hit the target of £1 k with a few large anonymous donations that shocked and humbled the girls, knowing their efforts are worth it. By the time the muddy run was underway they had reached their target of £1 k. 
“A huge thank you to everyone who supported us, you’ve helped motivate us and have raised £1150 for Cancer Research” – Damsels in Defence 
The Damsels in Defence JustGiving page will be available until 20th November 2017 for anyone who would like to add a donation. 



Photo 1: (L-R) Shona Ritchie, Kat Mesi, Shelena Cartwright, Alba Goodman, Laura James, Jo Archer, Beth Archer and Lt Col Liz Nelson
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