Welbeck College STEM visit to the Technology School

14 July 2017 / Categories: DA News and Events

Officer Cadet Ryan Connor and Officer Cadet Madi Baldwin pen their recent visit to the Technology School

On Thur 22 Jun 17 a cohort of 100 students from Welbeck DSFC embarked on a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) visit to the Defence Academy, Technology School hosted by Lt Col Jon Stott and WO2 Stuart Baird. Upon arrival at the Defence Academy we were astounded by the scale of the establishment and its many facilities.
The first stop in the day’s activities was a talk about the different light weapons used by the military, covering topics such as the considerations needed to be taken in firing mechanism design and some of the scientific and environmental complexities to consider when designing a new weapon. The session also included the opportunity to pick up and look around these firing mechanisms.
Other sessions included in the visit were the chance to look around different armoured vehicles over the ages both from the British Army and other nations, as well as a talk on the science behind mines, and explosives and how they impact on both soldiers and civilians.
A particular highlight of the day was a visit to the Simulation & Synthetic Environment Laboratory where we were tasked to mount a simulated assault on an enemy in pairs with one person being the driver and the other acting as the tank commander/weapon operator. This was not only an enjoyable and slightly humorous activity but it also tested our communication and team working skills. 
In conclusion the day was an extremely productive opportunity to explore STEM in a military context as potential officers and to gauge the types of equipment that we will be not only working with, but also have the responsibility for maintaining in the future. It was a very enjoyable experience that further fuelled our enthusiasm for both engineering and technology and its application in the military. 
Speaking on behalf of the whole cohort I would like to express our gratitude to Lt Col Jon Stott, WO2 Stuart Baird, Lt Col (Retd) John Starling, WO1 Paul Phipps, John Hoggard and Mark Lewis for making the visit so interesting and worthwhile.
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