Beckett House Library

Beckett House Library is an internationally unique collection of over 3,000 books. 

The library’s central focus is on three main areas of academic interest: military ethics, the place of religion in military life and the history of military chaplaincy. 

The majority of works have been published within the last ten years and enable readers to gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of subjects of pressing importance relevant to NATO tasking in the same period.

The library serves as a lending library for UK regular and reserve military chaplains and students of the Defence Academy only. Items may be borrowed for a three-month period, with the option for one renewal.

The library serves as a reference library for all other service and civilian readers. To facilitate access to the library on this basis, readers are welcome to plan study periods at the house according to room availability. 

The library subscribes to the following journals, which are available to all personnel on a reference-only basis:

  • The Journal of Military Ethics
  • The Expository Times
  • Theology
  • Bereavement Care (a research journal published by the charity ‘Cruse’)
  • Back copies of various other journals are available.

Please click on the link on the right to familiarise yourself with the library rules.