AFCC hosts visit from Russian Naval Officers

AFCC hosted two Russian Naval Officers last year who were particularly interested in the work of military chaplains.

In March 2006 Admiral Mikhail Kuznetsov came to AFCC as part of a longer UK tour.  He is now retired and lives in St Petersburg. A submariner with 33 years service, at the time of the loss of the KURSK in August 2000 he was Admiral of the Vidyaevo Submarine base near Murmansk where KURSK was stationed.   He built a memorial chapel in his base for the dead of the KURSK and later naval wives at Faslane made a memorial banner which now hangs in the chapel.  Shortly afterwards ten KURSK orphans visited Faslane.  Admiral Mikhail is interested in starting a specifically naval Christian fellowship for the Russian Navy and also wants to use our best practice in selecting and employing chaplains.

Last October Captain Vladimir Ovchinnikov from the Moscow Institute of Military History visited AFCC for a weekend.  Captain Ovchinnikov heads the History of Science department.  He is an ex submariner engineer officer who worked latterly in VICTOR II class submarines.  He has been at the institute for 11 years and attends the Moscow Military Christian Fellowship (Orthodox).   With Ludmilla Bilichenko who acted as interpreter for both visits, Captain Ovchinnikov attended a weekend seminar to examine the role of committed military Christians in supporting their chaplaincies.