TRiM Training at Amport House

TRiM is a peer delivered support system which is designed to support personnel after traumatic incidents.

In its simplest form the system allows unit TRiM trained personnel to identify the risk factors associated with psychological distress and signpost personnel to the appropriate support systems.  TRiM is not a medical initiative, nor is it counselling or debriefing.  Training to the British Army is delivered by the TRiM Training Cell (TTC).

Most training is delivered at the unit lines but there is a requirement to cater for small groups and individuals.  The Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre at Amport House, part of whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness of pastoral care within Defence, is being used for this purpose.  The environment and excellent facilities are ideal for the programme.  Well attended courses for TRiM practitioners and unit coordinators are now taking place monthly.