Library rules

The library supports the mission statement of Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre (AFCC) in developing the role of military chaplains and service personnel in the exercise of their duty in caring for the pastoral, spiritual and welfare needs of the wider service community. It is in this spirit of co-operation that the library has been developed and users are asked to respect that by abiding by the terms and conditions below.

Any person found removing a book from the library that is not withdrawn in accordance with the rules is acting in contradiction with the ethical principle of co-operative sharing and will be liable for a fine at a level determined by the principal. Abuse of the library as a facility significantly undermines the collection and our ability to serve the needs of the wider military community.

  1. Borrowing conditions. All lenders (UK regular and reserve military chaplains and students of the Defence Academy) are eligible to borrow up to four books for an initial period of three months, renewable on one occasion. Lenders are to use the proforma provided in the library to withdraw books; they will be sent an e-mail reminder about the need for renewal one week before the due date. 
  2. Renewals and requests. Renewals are possible once by agreement with the library staff (based in reception). Users are expected to adhere to the agreed borrowing periods. Failure to do so will result in the removal of borrowing rights and disciplinary action taken by the principal and the appropriate chain of command and is likely to include a fine for the replacement value of the book(s).
  3. Recalls and responsibility. In the rare event of more than one user requiring the same book at the same time, the librarian reserves the right to renegotiate appropriate return dates to accommodate the needs of a second borrower with the first. Users will be held responsible for any loss of or damage to library books. The consequence will be reimbursement for the replacement of the book(s). Material loaned to one person must not be transferred to another.
  4. Opening. Beckett House Library is open on a 24 hour basis during periods when the house is open, i.e. users are advised to call or e-mail the librarian during office hours if they wish to borrow books around the main MOD leave periods.
  5. Communications. Communications from the librarian will normally be sent by e-mail. Users (unless previously agreed) should supply a valid civilian e-mail address for an account which they regularly check. This enables the librarian to contact lenders regardless of posting arrangements.
  6. Penalties. Items recalled for use for another user and not returned are subject to an incremental fine of £2 per week if not returned within seven days of recall. (The house is happy to receive returns by post addressed to the librarian.) Any breach of the library regulations may result in temporary or permanent loss of use or borrowing rights and a fine.
  7. Grievance. Any grievances resulting from the execution of these regulations may be referred to the principal at AFCC.
  8. Requests. Readers are welcome to make requests for additions to the library to the librarian; decisions on purchasing are made by the AFCC directing staff subject to library spending priorities and availability within the budget.