Centre for Defence Education Research Analysis

The Defence Academy's Centre for Defence Education Research Analysis (CDERA) has been established to:

  • collect, collate, analyse and curate relevant and timely defence and security educational research for exploitation by the Defence Academy for defence and the security sector
  • influence the defence and security community and national debate on strategic and joint education challenges and opportunities

It will do so by acting as the single-point of coordinating, commissioning and convening research and analysis into Defence education topic for the Defence Academy. It will leverage its position to build and tap into the global network of like-minded institutions so as to develop insight and actionable decision-grade research. This diagram illustrates the scope of CDERA’s remit.

How will CDERA operate?

CDERA is being established within the Defence Academy’s Transformation Programme with a full operating capability by September 2019. Posts have not yet been established, but as it develops, it is already starting to fulfil its aims and is very much open for business now. 

Its specified tasks are to:

  • carry out new research and analysis including through exploiting the knowledge, experience and intellect of the Defence Academy workforce, learners and alumni
  • shape and commission research and analysis by non-MOD agencies, including academia, e.g. King College London (KCL) and Cranfield University (CU)
  • engage with and seek to influence MOD research programmes and capabilities, including Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)
  • cohere pan-Defence Academy research, analysis and exploitation, and enable associated governance
  • provide forward thinking for the direction of Professional Military Education (PME)
  • identify and maintain a register of agreed Defence Academy research and analysis priorities
  • provide the CEO of the Defence Academy with a capability to analyse complex issues and respond quickly
  • develop and maintain a reputation across multiple channels for high-quality research, analysis and discussion
  • develop and maintain a Defence Academy Visiting Fellowships scheme
  • manage oversight of conference and visits attendance

The core team will consist of four Civil Servants but it will have oversight of all research and analysis capabilities and activities across the Defence Academy. If you have any questions for CDERA, please contact us and include ‘CDERA’ in the subject line.