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Useful websites

It would be impossible to maintain a list of every potential useful website but here is a list of some of the key ones for the areas covered by the Defence Academy. Many of them cover so many issues related to defence and security that it’s difficult to pigeon hole them under specific subject-matter headings. Hence, they are listed below in alphabetical order rather than in terms of subject matter. If you think that something is missing, or want to add to anything below, then please let us know by using the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page and add ‘CDERA’ to the subject line.

For students carrying out research, many of these sites, especially the blog sites, contain material that is not peer-reviewed so the quality and quality and impartiality of their content may be open to question. This should be reflected and noted if they are used as sources in essays, dissertations, etc. Material taken from online material that is labelled as ‘peer-reviewed’ may be quoted/referenced without caveat.    

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