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Foreign languages training

The Defence Centre for Languages and Culture (DCLC) provides foreign language training to meet defence requirements. Courses are available to serving personnel, regular and reserve. Details of courses can be found on the current Defence Foreign Language Training Courses DIN, available via the Defence Intranet. Applications should be submitted in line with the guidance in the DIN.

All applicants for foreign language training should have completed a Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT); scores should be annotated on the course application. All students will be required to undertake a pre-course learning package via the DLE (Defence Learning Envrionment); details will be sent out in the Joining Instructions.

DCLC also provides Distributed Low Level Language training (Standard Learning Profile (SLP) Level 0+ and 1) for deploying units at their home base.  Those requesting a course should apply using the form found at Annex B to the Defence Foreign Languages Training DIN.

Contingency language training

DCLC provides support to contingency operations for:

  • Defence Special Forces (DSF)
  • Defence Cultural Specialist Unit (DCSU)
  • Defence Humint Unit (DHU)
  • Joint Counter Terrorism Training and Advisory Team (JCTTAT)
  • Army Edn Branch

DCLC provides support to numerous operations through Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (MTMC) and Field Army. 

Applications should be made via the appropriate unit/department. Applicants should be aware that any funding for contingency language training now has to be uploaded via the new ASPECT/CP&F process. 

Bespoke foreign language training courses

It is possible for DCLC to design and deliver bespoke foreign language courses for non-defence personnel and organisations. If this is of interest, please submit a query via the ‘Ask about this course’ link on the previous page.