Family information

DAFFYS (Defence Academy Friends and Family) runs social events and activities for those posted to Shrivenham and the Defence Academy.

It’s an entirely volunteer-run organisation to help the friends and family of those based at Shrivenham to get to know each other and makes friends through a mixture of social gatherings. These range from fine dining evenings and mess lunches with guest speakers, to the station Fete and Bake Off, and children’s Christmas party. So no matter what your age, where you come from, if you have children or not, or whether you are posted here for seven months or three years, there is something for everyone.

We publicise all our events via an email distribution list. Signing up to receive these details comes with no obligation or fee, it just means you’ll know what is going on. But if you are interested in taking a more active role in DAFFYS we are always looking for help on our small committee of spouses – so please get in touch.

We hope to meet you soon.

The Families and Welfare Office is open:
Monday - Thursday 0900 - 1600
Friday 0900 - 1530

DAFFYS, Community Centre, Faringdon Road, Watchfield, SN6 8ST


Coffee mornings

Held once a month in the Jubilee Centre, these coffee mornings provide a great opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends whilst having a free cup of tea or coffee and cakes whilst browsing the stalls that are there.

Popcorn Club

This popular film club is held in Kitchener Hall Mess and is aimed at children aged between 4 and 10 years old. A supper for the children is served before the film starts; popcorn and juice are served at an appropriate interval in the film. All films are age appropriate and suitable for children whose first language is not English. The bar is open for adults.

Guest speaker lunches

These are usually held in the Cormorant Building. Lunch is taken in the Victory Dining Room and a guest speaker/s are invited to talk afterwards on a wide range of topics.

Cook with DAFFYS

These happen twice a year and introduce some of the more specific aspects of British cooking and some related traditions.

Children’s Christmas party

The Christmas Party is a fun event with a party entertainer, food and the chance of meeting Father Christmas. This is held in the Kitchener Hall Mess.

Halloween party

This is for younger children and takes place in the Jubilee Centre. It includes games, crafts, face painting and very gentle spooking!

Bake Off and Sports Day

This is a chance for people to show off their baking skills and enter home-baked entries into the Bake-Off. There is a traditional, family orientated sports day for everyone followed by a tea consisting of all the baking entries from the Bake Off.

The Early Christmas Market

This is a chance to get all your Christmas shopping finished early and under one roof. There are at least 70 stalls selling a huge variety of local goods to browse around.