About this course

This course is part of the Cyber Foundation Pathway and is designed to introduce the fundamentals of programming. Programming and scripting are valuable tools for conducting both offensive and defensive cyber. Writing and interpreting programs and scripting are required in Module 6.

The course is suitable for anyone who requires the Cyber Foundation Pathway training as part of their current or future role and is delivered by QA.

The Defence Cyber School (DCS) is offering a blended approach to the delivery of the Cyber Foundation Pathway (CFP) Module 5. This gives you increased flexibility to customise your learning experience. There are three study options available depending on how you wish to learn:

self-study online learning: the course content will be made available online through the Defence Learning Environment (DLE). You will work through the content solo and at your own pace and schedule. There is no instructor support provided with this study option. If you wish to opt for self-study, you can enrol directly via the DLE.

instructor led remote classroom (online): building on the course materials available online for self-study. You can expect daily instructor led demonstrations on concepts and toolsets, instructor teaching sessions, group exercises and quizzes; all with the ability to talk to and ask questions of the instructors throughout each day of the module. This course is run by QA on behalf of Defence Cyber School (DCS) using their Learn-Anywhere remote classroom application. You can apply via the ‘Register your interest’ button above and selecting dates highlighted as remote delivery.

classroom based learning: this is a residential option, returning to the more traditional way of face-to-face teaching. All the module content will be delivered by QA using DCS classroom facilities; whiteboard, DCS network and PowerPoint. This will be conducted at the Defence Academy. You can apply via the ‘Register your interest' button above and selecting dates highlighted as classroom delivery.

To progress to the final module of the CFP, you must complete and pass the Module 5 Assessment. Module 5 Assessment: if you have recent experience of the topics covered in the course you may wish to skip straight to the end of module assessment on the DLE.

Please note that the assessment for Module 5 will not be unlocked for access unless you have successfully completed the Module 3 assessment. If you are looking to progress on to module 6 must have completed module 4 and Module 5 before being permitted to do so.

What you will learn

You will learn/develop:

  • introduction to programming using python
  • programming structure and design
  • data types and variables
  • performing calculations and functions
  • controlling input, output, and logging
  • flow control using FOR, IF, and WHILE statements
  • using libraries and modules
How this course will help your career

Each module in the Cyber Foundation Pathway builds sequentially on the learning from preceding modules. Successful completion of this module will enable you to proceed to the next, and final module to further build your cyber skills.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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Who can attend this course
Before you attend

Prior to undertaking Module 5 you are required to have SC clearance and:

  • completed all the pre-requisite elements for Module 3
  • completed the required Module 3 learning (in a DCS classroom or remote classroom) or passed the Module 3 assessment.

Further clarity of the CFP module pre-requisites can be found on our explanatory page.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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How the course will be taught
How you will be assessed

Assessment of this module is in two parts. Firstly, there will be a number of short coding assignments during the course which must be completed and secondly an exam which will cover coding theory, fault finding, and interpreting code that others have written.

The pass mark is 70%.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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