Developing the intellectual edge needed for success on operations and leadership in government

The Defence Academy welcomes students from the Ministry of Defence, wider government, UK industry and overseas. We provide a wide range of short and long courses ranging from awareness up to expert level covering five broad course themes: leadership; command; technology; business skills; and international engagement.  

We are based at a secure site in Shrivenham, 20 miles west of Oxford, with sites also in central London, Gosport, Andover and Halton. We also include Welbeck 6th Form College near Loughborough and four university squadrons with links to 11 universities offering bursaries to students studying subjects in technical and engineering disciplines. 

For more information on the Defence Academy and what we have to offer, please use this website or make direct contact using the communication methods provided on the contact us page.

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4 March 2021
Ex AGILE OWL trains future leaders to harness the intellectual edge

Avoiding group think by promoting critical thinking, Ex AGILE OWL allowed the 215 students on the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Land) (ICSC(L)) 17A to use their analysis, effective communication, research, and teamworking skills from across ICSC(L) and their own professional experiences in a novel approach to problem solving.

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9 February 2021
Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Digital Conference 2021

This year's digital event takes place on the 9-11 February 2021.

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