About this course

This 1-day masterclass facilitated by the Defence Cyber School is aimed at 1*/2* military officers and senior civil servants, and senior leaders from our industry partners.

It will develop delegates’ understanding of  the importance of cyber in effective leadership and enable them to identify and describe the risks and opportunities that cyber activity presents strategically.

Further, it will broaden awareness of what cyber means to Defence and its industry partners at the strategic level.

Having a more-developed understanding of the threat landscape and awareness of protective activity by UK government, delegates will be better-placed to assess the strategic impact of cyber activity both generally and in the specialist area of Information Warfare.

What you will learn

You will gain an awareness of:

  • the importance of cyber as an integral part of effective command, control and leadership
  • the breadth of cyber risks and opportunities which have strategic implications for operations, organisations and personnel
  • the need to provide direction and to drive the development of the approach of personnel to cyber conduct and awareness
  • organisations, departments and training and education which can help provide organisational and personnel protection, resistance and resilience to attack
  • potential opportunities that an enhanced appreciation of cyber can present
How this course will help your career

The benefits to you are drawn from the depth and breadth of material and speakers throughout the day, developing a broader understanding of the impact of cyber at the strategic level.

The use of visiting speakers draws expertise from across the domain, increasing the educational value to attendees.

The in-course discussions offer the opportunities to personalise your learning experience, contextualising the content to your own roles and organisations.

Networking with industry partners, guest speakers and others with relevant and diverse perspectives on cyber will provide opportunities to further enhance understanding regarding the impact of, and response to, this high-level threat.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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Who can attend this course

1* and above within MOD – this includes SCS and POLADS.  Industry executives, 5 Eyes partners and personnel of appropriate rank/grade are welcome to attend.

Before you attend

There are no formal pre-joining materials, however attendees may wish to watch the BBC4 Storyville programme focusing on the Stuxnet Virus. Called ‘Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage’, the film can be located through various providers online and explores the most-documented and -investigated major cyber-attack to date, from several perspectives.

Attendees are also directed to the following defence publications and general reading, which will provide a wider appreciation of the cyber landscape:

Available on gov.uk:

  • The Cyber Primer
  • Joint Doctrine Note 01/18 – UK Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities
  • JCN 01/17: UK Future Force Concept

Rid, T. (2013). Cyber War Will Not Take Place. 1st ed. London: Hurst. Kaplan, F. (2016). Dark Territory - The Secret History of Cyberwar. 1st ed. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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How the course will be taught
Face-to-face/ Residential
Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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