19 January 2021
Call for papers: ‘Religion and the ending of war’
Beckett House Conference (Religion and Defence) International Network for the Study of War and Religion in the Modern World. Eleventh Annual Conference,...
13 January 2021
Learning during lockdown: how the Defence Academy begins term remotely
Hundreds of students set to begin the winter term studying onsite at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom have begun their courses remotely following...
12 January 2021
Welbeck welcomes new Principal Howard Blackett

The New Year has seen the arrival of a new Principal at Welbeck The Defence Sixth Form College.  

18 December 2020
Autumn term demonstrates innovation and flexibility in professional military education
New Masters programmes and pathways are just two of the ways the Defence Academy has driven professional military education through the challenges of...
24 November 2020
Defence Academy Levels of Ambitions (LOAs) for improving diversity and inclusion
On 24 July, defence, and our service chiefs of staff, made a commitment to maximise the talent across defence. 
24 November 2020
A new approach to information warfare: @HutEighteen
Shrivenham – Misinformation, fake news, or information warfare: The concept is not new, but technology and innovation have created an expressway for...
20 November 2020
DTEL and eLT wins bronze in prestigious Learning Technologies award
The Defence Academy’s Defence Technology Enhanced Learning Team (DTEL) and eLearning Team (eLT) entered as a combined team and have won bronze in the...
11 November 2020
Our Act of Remembrance on Armistice Day
Today, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Major General Andrew Roe laid the wreath at the Defence Academy’s annual...
10 November 2020
The Defence Academy’s link with the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
As the nation prepares to pay tribute to our fallen service men and women in all wars on Remembrance Day, there is another poignant and profound anniversary...
26 October 2020
It’s you, it’s me, it’s National Mentoring Day
As 2020 has brought us all unexpected challenges, more and more people across Defence are stepping into roles outside their regular business.  With...
12 October 2020
Listen: Royal Army Chaplains’ Museum shares our Padres’ stories

Telling the stories of Armed Forces Chaplaincy from past to present day.

8 October 2020
How would you react to a bully? Take the Active Bystander Fundamentals course
It’s Learning at Work Week. With diversity and inclusion at the core of our defence values, now is a good time to grow and build skills for effective...